Keynote Speakers

Radu Calinescu, University of York, UK

RaduRadu Calinescu Calinescu is a Reader in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York, the Assuring Autonomy International Programme Safety of AI Theme Lead, and the lead of the Trustworthy Adaptive and Autonomous Systems and Processes (TASP) Research Team.

Prior to joining the University of York in 2012, he was a Lecturer in Computer Science at Aston University (2009-2012); a Senior Researcher on the Verification and Software Engineering research themes at the University of Oxford (2008-2009); a part-time Lecturer on the Software Engineering Programme at the University of Oxford (2005-2009); an Oxford University researcher on UK’s CancerGrid research initiative (2005-2007); and the Technical Architect and Senior Development Manager of Sychron Ltd, an Oxford software company specialising in the development of autonomic datacentre management solutions (1999-2005).

Corina Pasareanu, NASA Ames, CMU, USA

Corina PasareanuCorina Pasareanu performs research in software engineering at NASA Ames in the Robust Software Engineering group. She is employed by Carnegie Mellon at the Silicon Valley campus. She is affiliated with CMU’s CyLab and holds a courtesy appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering. At Ames, she is developing and extending Symbolic PathFinder, a symbolic execution tool for Java bytecode. Her research interests include: model checking and automated testing, compositional verification, model-based development, probabilistic software analysis, and autonomy and Security.

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